What is changing right now?
For at least the next year, very little will change except a few administrative contacts. We are committed to giving you the opportunity to enjoy and complete the ThD program as you now know it.
What will change in the future?
Our partner, Sioux Falls, has received approval from ATS to adopt the Evangelical Seminary ThD program, so we anticipate no changes to the program. One aspect still under review by accreditors is the possibility that at least one residency per year will be hosted in Sioux Falls at some point in the future. You may hear the term “Kairos” in some of our communications, which is the unique approach to theological education we are piloting with incoming Master’s-level students. As of now, there will be no effect on our Doctoral program.
Where can I submit questions I may have?
Submit any questions you have through this online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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