Why Evangelical?

Evangelical Seminary exists to help the Church create servant leaders for transformation ministry in a broken and complex world. Historically rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, the Seminary aspires to be boldly, broadly, and beautifully Evangelical in both the content and context of our learning. These commitments have resulted in strategic collaborations with various institutions, most significantly with the Kairos network of seminaries. As a legacy member of Kairos, we participate in an innovative movement of mentor-based, outcome-focused, discipleship-oriented theological education both in southcentral Pennsylvania and around the world.

Will Matter

We all know each other here. That’s one of the benefits of learning in a smaller community. We pray together. We practice grace and authenticity with each other. We offer help when you’re struggling and celebrate when you’re rejoicing. God’s presence permeates our campus. And you will matter here.

– Anthony L. Blair, President