What is Kairos?
The Kairos Project is an entirely unique approach to theological education with the following distinctives:

  • Learning is self-paced and directed toward targets and program outcomes instead of a prescribed sequence of courses. This offers many ways for students to build competency in program outcomes beyond enrollment in traditional classes.
  • Students work with a three-person mentor team throughout their entire education to determine and adapt assignments in light of their needs, ministry context, and prior learning or experiences as they work toward demonstrated competency of the outcomes in their program.
  • A $300/month subscription pricing model that drastically reduces the cost of education.
  • This innovative approach is fully-accredited by the premier theological accrediting body in North America– The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), as well as by regional accreditors.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Kairos Project.

What are the next steps to participate in the Kairos model of seminary?
Good news, there is no need to reapply and you will be contacted by a representative of Kairos–Chad Smith. Chad will explain in more detail what your educational experience will look like on Kairos and respond to any questions you may have at this time.
What are the next steps if I do not wish to do seminary the Kairos way?
We are thrilled with this innovative approach to learning, but If the Kairos model with its emphasis on mentorship and competency-outcomes doesn’t work for you, then we will refund your deposit. Note, however, that Kairos is flexible enough to allow students to pursue their learning in a traditional classroom based approach, although under the guidance of a mentoring team. At least talk it through with Chad (see question above) to determine how we can best serve you.
Is the degree to which I've applied still accredited?
Yes, both institutions will carry all previous accreditations–state, regional, and national.
Will my denomination recognize my work in the Kairos Project?
All previous denominational endorsements held by each of the merging institutions will carry forward. This includes working relationships with the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Congregational Church, the North American Baptist Conference, the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and more. Students are strongly encouraged to talk with the Office of Enrollment Management and connect with denominational representatives at the time of enrollment.
Will this affect my tuition costs?
Yes, almost certainly for the better. Students entering Evangelicals Master’s programs (except for the MAMFT) will only pay a monthly subscription cost of $300– which covers all tuition and fees.
Will I still be eligible for financial aid?
Yes, although 95% of all students at Sioux Falls Seminary do not take federal financial aid due to the affordability of the subscription model.
Will my diploma be from Evangelical Seminary?
Yes, you will graduate with an Evangelical Seminary diploma.
Does this change the delivery options for courses?
No. If you choose to fill your competency requirements through traditional courses, you can choose from various online and onground delivery methods.
Will this affect who I have as faculty?
The core faculty of Evangelical Seminary will continue to teach courses alongside faculty from the partnering institutions. If you’re taking a course or being mentored in Central Pennsylvania, you’ll almost certainly get to enjoy our awesome faculty.
How is my degree different from current students?
For two more years, current Evangelical Seminary students will be able to continue in the classic format, which utilizes the credit-based coursework and current finance structure, since that’s how they started and we want to keep our commitment to them.
Will the partnership impact our faith commitments?
Sioux Falls Seminary grew out of the same stream of historic German pietism that we did, and therefore their faith commitments and values, while sometimes expressed a bit differently, parallel ours remarkably. We will continue to be “boldly, broadly, and beautifully evangelical.” We will continue to honor Scripture as authoritative, and continue to honor Jesus Christ as Lord. We will continue to serve the Church as the community of God’s faithful people. We will continue to pursue, teach, and love God’s truth… all of it.
What other changes can we expect?
There will be some consolidation of academic and administrative services as we bring the schools together on a common platform, but students will continue to be served throughout the transition. New and current students will be notified this summer of any of those changes that might affect them.
Can a Master's degree done through Kairos prepare me for doctoral work?
Yes, all degrees are accredited by ATS and regional accreditors and can be submitted for appropriate advanced degree work.
What are the implications of being part of a multi-site international Seminary?
In order to foster the learning community which is located across five nations, there will be regional gatherings. North American students will take part in a once a year gathering in either Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Edmonton, Ontario; or Myerstown, Pennsylvania.
Where can I submit questions I may have?
Submit any questions you have through this online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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