08 Oct




This year’s event has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Friends of Evangelical Banquet (Event Cancelled)

October 8, 2020

The Eden Resort
222 Eden Road
Lancaster, PA 17601



Dear Friends,

Remember that wedding and reception you were looking forward to attending a few weeks ago? And that vacation that was put on hold because it included air travel? Now there is one more casualty of COVID-19.

Evangelical Seminary finds it necessary to cancel the 2020 Friends of Evangelical Banquet that was scheduled for Thursday evening, October 8 at the Eden Resort in Lancaster. As of this writing, the current guidelines in Pennsylvania would only allow 25 people to attend  . . .  and that would hardly be cost effective, or fun! We will miss this annual gathering and the opportunity it gives us to visit with some of you. We are also sorry that you will not have the opportunity to meet some students and hear about Evangelical’s exciting future as part of the KAIROS project.

Please continue to read the various mailings you receive from us so that you can hold the ministry of the seminary faithfully in your prayers. May the Lord bless you and keep you healthy and safe.

Ann E. Steel
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Evangelical Seminary


Please join the administration and board of trustees of Evangelical Seminary for the annual Friends of Evangelical Banquet as we imagine a bright future for our students, our alums, our institution, and our communities through the worldwide impact of our front line leadership in ministry.


5:45 pm Fellowship Time
6:30 pm Dinner and Program

Keynote Speaker: 

As the son of a Baptist pastor, Greg Henson always knew that God loved him and sent his only son to die for his sins.  However, Greg didn’t develop a true faith in God until after nearly losing his life in a car accident.  Months of recovery left him in awe of God’s power and mercy—drawing him closer to God.

Experiences at church camp as a student and director as well as serving the church as a worship leader, youth pastor, and senior pastor, led Greg to place a very high value on the importance of discipleship.  Later, through consulting work with the Association of Theological Schools and through his work at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL., Greg developed a passion for the role theological education plays in the Church.

His passion for the Church coupled with a desire to see theological education reconnect with its roots in local ministry contexts compelled Greg to deeply explore the many facets of theological education—giving him a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience beyond his years.  Today, he is a man of strong personal faith and is committed to equipping kingdom-minded individuals for service to the Church both locally and worldwide.

In the fall of 2013, Greg accepted the role as the twelfth president of Sioux Falls Seminary, officially beginning on February 3, 2014. He will become CEO of Evangelical Seminary on July 1st, as part of the exciting new partnership our school has entered into.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact Marsha Conley at marsha.conley@evangelical.edu.


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