Tony Blair

Top 10 Things I Appreciate About Billy Graham

10.  He wasn’t perfect, he knew it, and he wasn’t afraid to say it.
9.  He had that high, long, thick head of hair. When other preachers were denouncing hippies in the 70s, Billy became one!
8.  He was a technology pioneer, unafraid to use new media to accomplish his mission, but committed to using it well.
7.  He didn’t chase after power. Yes, he was a friend to presidents, but met with them only at their invitation.
6.  He kept his nose clean. Despite his fame, he lived a fairly simple, faithful, decent life.
5.  He was ruthlessly nonpartisan. He insisted that the gospel transcended political parties and agendas.
4.  He was ruthlessly nondenominational. He invited any Christian groups that wanted to work with him to do so.
3.  He was passionate about racial reconciliation, and put his money where his mouth was, integrating his crusades at a time when it was very unpopular to do so.
2.  He kept his ministry’s finances transparent and ethical, and founded the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability so that others would do likewise.
1.  Underneath everything else, from beginning of his ministry until this very morning, it was always about Jesus.

Yesterday he went to see his savior face to face. Rest in well earned peace, Billy Frank.

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