Rates vary according to the amount of time you take to complete the program:
Finish your degree within 4 years and your cost will only be $10,857.50 a year!*
Since tuition rates vary according to the amount of time it takes to complete the program, make sure to talk with your admissions counselor about additional options.

4-Year Plan*
Per credit:  $535 (10% discount)*
Annual tuition:  $10,432.50
Annual Fees:  $425.00

2017-2018 Rates*
Standard per credit rate:  $604.00

This is for students who enroll in the program and take courses at their own pace.  Rates can be locked in for the duration of their program as long as it is finished within the USDOE standard (150% of the recommended program length), which is 6 years.

For those who extend their program past the USDOE maximum completion time, they lose the locked rate guarantee and will pay according to the per-credit tuition for that year.  Rates tend to increase with each year.

*(does not include books and fees)

To see complete list of tuition and fees, click here.

M.Div. Tuition & Fees

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