GS411  Information Literacy and Technology (0)

Biblical Studies (3 credits)
Old Testament or New Testament elective (3)

Christian Theology (3 credits)
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)

Spiritual Formation (18 credits)
SF511  Christian Spiritual Formation (3)
SF565  Knowing and Learning in Christian Community (3)
SF659  Christians and Contemporary Spirituality (3)
SF777  Theology and Practice of Prayer (3)
SF778  Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in SF&D (3)

Spiritual Direction (12 credits)
SF723  Christian Spiritual Direction (3)
SF823  Spiritual Direction Practicum I (3)
SF840  Spiritual Direction Practicum II (3)
SF850  Spiritual Direction Practicum III (3)

Electives (choose two; 6 credits)
OT or NT course (3)
CT686  God and Suffering (3)
SF665 Christians and Historic Spirituality (3)
SF795  Guided Research: Spiritual Formation (3)
SF800  Spiritual Formation Thesis Development (3) and SF900 Spiritual Formation Thesis (3)

Total Credits: 39


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  • Graduate Certificate in Directing the Spiritual Exercises
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