Historical and Theological Studies ( Church history and Christian theology)
This concentration explores the development of the faith and practice of the Christian church from its beginnings to the present, gleaning insights to address the challenges of our time by analyzing how the church handled similar situations in the past.

Biblical Studies (9)
Old Testament elective (3)
New Testament elective (3)
NT612 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)

Christian Theology (24 credits)
CT511 Christian Thought and Ethics (3)
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)
CT632 Christ and Salvation in a Pluralistic World (3)
CT634 The Church and Its Mission (3)
CT659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality (3) or
CH665 Christians and Historic Spirituality (3)
CT777 Theology and Practice of Prayer (3)
CT779 Seminar in Contemporary Theology (3)
CT795 Guided Research: Christian Theology (3)

Church History (9 credits)
CH511 History of Christianity I (3)
CH512 History of Christianity II (3)
HT795 Guided Research: Historical Theology (3)

Thesis (6 credits)
Choose one of the following:
HT800 Historical Theology Thesis Development (3) and HT900 Historical Theology Thesis (3) or
CH800 Church History Thesis Development (3) and CH900 Church History Thesis (3) or
CT800 Christian Theology Thesis Development (3) and CT900 Christian Theology Thesis (3)

Total: 48 Credits

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