How will this affect my program?
You have already started in what we are now calling the “classic” model of seminary, and can continue in that model for the next two years, at least. We want to give you and other current students as much opportunity as possible to complete your degree as you started it within that time frame.
What makes my degree different from new incoming students (Kairos)?
Instead of a strictly classic approach, students enrolling in Fall 2020 will utilize mentor teams to craft an educational journey unique to each student. In doing so, students will have the option to engage in traditional courses, customized learning experiences, or other creative educational modalities as they deepen the knowledge, character, and ability required to thrive in their vocation. The incoming class of 2020 will serve as a pilot for this approach which is known as the Kairos Project.
What if I take longer than two years to complete my degree?
Your degree will fall under the direction of Sioux Falls Seminary and likely the Kairos platform. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will necessarily radically change; you might even have more opportunities for completion. It does mean that we will give you individual guidance into and through the transition so you know exactly what you’re doing.
Is my degree still accredited?
Yes, all programs will maintain full accreditation throughout the transition– both nationally (ATS) and regionally.
Will my denomination continue to recognize my coursework and my degree after the partnership takes effect?
All previous denominational endorsements held by each institutions will carry forward. This includes working relationships with the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Congregational Church, the North American Baptist Conference, the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and more. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with the Office of Enrollment Management and connect with denominational representatives at the time of enrollment.
Will this affect my tuition costs?
No, tuition costs will remain as scheduled for the two year transition period.
Will I still be eligible for financial aid?
Yes, financial aid will continue to be available.
Will my diploma be from Evangelical Seminary?
Yes, you will graduate with an Evangelical Seminary diploma.
Will this affect who I have as faculty?
Likely not, since current ranked faculty are invited to be part of the transition where they will continue to teach courses and also serve as mentors.
Will I be given the opportunity to move to the Kairos platform before the two years are up, if I want to?
We’d love to make this opportunity available to everyone immediately. But it’s probably not in your best interest to make the switch and it’s not good for the seminary to change everything all at once. So we’re moving new students into the new thing and keeping the commitments we made to you when you started with us. That means that the short answer is “No” but we will invest great care to make the movement toward graduation as seamless as possible.
Will the partnership impact our faith commitments?
Sioux Falls Seminary grew out of the same stream of historic German pietism that we did, and therefore their faith commitments and values, while sometimes expressed a bit differently, parallel ours remarkably. We will continue to be “boldly, broadly, and beautifully evangelical.” We will continue to honor Scripture as authoritative, and continue to honor Jesus Christ as Lord. We will continue to serve the Church as the community of God’s faithful people. We will continue to pursue, teach, and love God’s truth… all of it.
What other changes can we expect?
We will be working with the good folks at Sioux Falls to begin sharing some operations in the coming months, so you may eventually see some different points of contact for us. Beyond that, we hope to keep your experience pretty much the same.
Where can I submit questions I may have?
Submit any questions you have through this online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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