What do ministry leaders need?

Research indicates that a large percentage of ministry leaders struggle with a variety of stress-related symptoms, including depression, anxiety, burnout, substance abuse, and infidelity. Others are at a point in ministry where a sabbatical is needed in order to recharge or sharpen skills. As the American Church continues to define its role in a complex 21st century culture, it has struggled to enable leaders to address these issues in a healthy way.

Evangelical Seminary of Myerstown, PA and River of Hope Counseling Center of Lebanon, PA have partnered together to offer enrichment, support, and restorative opportunities in the form of a curated personal renewal program.

How does Refresh meet that need?

  • Refresh is designed to provide enrichment, support, and restorative opportunities to ministry leaders (broadly considered) and their spouses– including clergy, missionaries, leaders of religious NPOs, and even church elder boards
  • The program is fully customizable to the needs of the ministry unit — our guidance teams will help you discern what is most beneficial for personal renewal
  • The program approaches renewal holistically by addressing academic, spiritual, and therapeutic needs

What’s included in the program?

  • Relevant, practical coursework that facilitates skills training and/or content updating
  • The opportunity for enrichment and support through targeted therapeutic assessments and counseling sessions
  • The opportunity for spiritual renewal through guided spiritual direction and retreat opportunities

Interested in learning more?

Please apply through our registration page below or contact the Refresh program facilitators (refresh@evangelical.edu) with any questions you may have.

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