One of the primary goals of Christians is to grow spiritually.

In order to grow spiritually Christians participate in a variety of rituals and practices. Many of these practices are learned informally while others are intentionally developed. Historically Christians have embraced a variety of practices in order to experience God, some of which continue to inform Christian life and practice today.

However, many Christians struggle to know how to grow spiritually.

They struggle with developing consistent practices because of a limited and narrow understanding of spiritual formation. Many Christians, especially Wesleyan Christians, are unaware of their rich heritage and its witness of transforming persons and society.

Our rich Wesleyan heritage provides a theological canvas for us to see how persons have grown spiritually in the past, and how participation in the means of grace can help present and future generations experience the transforming grace of God. As Christians participate in the means of grace, both individually and corporately, they will open up opportunities to receive grace and to become more like Christ.

The means of grace is a gift from God, and as we participate in this gift of grace we receive grace and we grow spiritually.

The essay linked below addresses the question of “How do Christians grow spiritually?” and will go into detail about 14 different ways to grow spiritually through the means of grace:

  • Prayer
  • Searching the Scripture
  • Lord’s Supper
  • Fasting
  • Fellowship (small groups)
  • Obedience to Christ
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Visiting the Sick
  • Do good to all people
  • Read Christian Classics
  • Watching
  • Denying ourselves
  • Taking up the Cross daily
  • Exercising the presence of God

Read the entire essay by Dr. Mark A. Maddix, Ph.D >>

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