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8th Annual Four Chaplains Scholarship Run (Virtual)

February 12, 2021

Evangelical Seminary
121 S. College St.
Myerstown, PA 17067


We Honor Their Sacrifice
2,000 Mile
Virtual Run/Walk

Hosted by
Evangelical Seminary 

February 1 – February 12, 2021

Two Opportunities to Participate:

Two events this year; an outdoor 4 mile self-timed run and the most miles run or walked, inside or outside, from February 1 to February 12. Participants may enter either or both events with one registration fee. Our goal is to accumulate 2,000 miles, run or walked, to honor the sacrifice of the Four Chaplains. All results are due by February 19, 2021. Prizes available for most miles accumulated and fastest 4 mile outdoor run.

The Rules

Self-Timed Outdoor 4 Mile Run

The run may be completed on any day between February 1 and February 12, 2021. Must be completed outdoors. Can be completed on roads, sidewalks, or trails and on any surface. No track runs. Submittal of a GPS map is not required (we trust you). Submit only your fastest run.

Total Accumulated Mileage

Miles can be run or walked, inside or outside, by yourself or with family, friends, or your pet. Outside miles can be completed on roads, sidewalks, trails, or a track and on any surface.

The miles must be accumulated in a single event, i.e., miles cannot be accumulated during your normal daily activities. A single event is defined as having a definite start and end time. For example, miles accumulated during your job that requires constant walking are not eligible. Walking your dog may be a daily activity for you but that event can be defined with a start and end time and thus an eligible event. You may have multiple events per day such as a morning and an afternoon or evening run or walk. We trust you.

Indoor miles may be completed on a treadmill, walking the mall or walking on an inside track. No ellipticals or stairclimbing machines. No organized sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, or golf. Our intent is to represent the activity of the in-person event.

Miles must be completed in a single event, as defined above.

All results must be submitted online at www.evangelical.edu/4chaps.


Deadline: January 27, 2021

$25 for Total accumulated miles and /or 4 mile self-timed outdoor run (incl. T-shirt!)

All T-shirts to be mailed by February 13, 2021

All runner or walker mileage must be submitted online at www.evangelical.edu/4chap

Prizes for the self-timed 4 mile run will be awarded to the top male and female, Active Duty Male and Female and Military Retired Male and Female. Prizes for the accumulated mileage event awarded to the top three male and female participants.

An additional prize will be given to the accumulated mileage participants that complete at least a total of 13.1 miles.

No age group awards and no duplicates.

Trouble Registering Online?

If you have any trouble registering online or questions about the event, please contact Kevin Henry at khenry@evangelical.edu.

Why Four Chaplains?

In the early morning of February 3, 1943 the U.S.A.T. Dorchester was torpedoed by a German submarine and sank in the icy North Atlantic. Only 230 men out of the 902 on board the Dorchester survived. Of those that perished that night were four Chaplains: Methodist Pastor George L. Fox, Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Reformed Pastor Clark V. Poling and Father John P. Washington. These chaplains gave up their life jackets and encouraged others as they made the ultimate sacrifice for other service men. Witnesses told stories of how the chaplains joined arms, said prayers and sang hymns as the Dorchester sank beneath them.

Each Chaplain was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross on December 19, 1944.

A one-time only posthumous Special Medal for Heroism was authorized by Congress and awarded by President Eisenhower on January 18, 1961. Congress attempted to confer the Medal of Honor but was blocked by the stringent requirements that required heroism performed under fire. The special medal was intended to have the same weight and importance as the Medal of Honor.

Evangelical Seminary’s Four Chaplains Scholarship program provides a tuition free Master of Divinity degree to military chaplain candidates. All registration fees from the race will be used to fund scholarships for military chaplain candidates.

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