General policy for student complaints:

Official complaints should be directed to the Evangelical Seminary Dean of Students Office by emailing the current Dean of Students (see below for contact information) with the subject line “Official Complaint.” The Dean of Students will assess the complaint and identify the appropriate person(s) to assist the student, and/or facilitate contact with the student through the appropriate office to ensure resolution of the complaint. 

Current Dean of Students: Janet Stauffer
Email address:

Procedure for student complaints: 

  1. Students are encouraged to exhaust all normal channels and appeal processes prior to submitting an official complaint.
  2. Students may submit an official complaint about an issue occurring during their current or previous term of enrollment.
  3. Only complaints submitted in writing to the Dean of Students with a subject line or title labeled “Official Complaint” will be considered an official complaint. Complaints submitted by any other means will not be considered official complaints.
  4. Dean of Student reviews the complaint and accompanying documentation.
  5. Dean of Student contacts (or assigns the complaint to) other university offices for research/decision-making purposes.
  6. Complaint decisions are rendered based on research findings.
  7. The decision making party will rule on the complaint and notify the student through written communication.
  8. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of their initial complaint, they may appeal within five business days of the rendered decision by providing additional support/documentation for review.
  9. A second review of the complaint will be completed by a higher authority within Evangelical Seminary.

PA State Contact Information:

The complainant may also use the State Complaint Form, which may be obtained from the BSE website at or by calling the Consultline, toll free in Pennsylvania (800) 879-2301, outside of Pennsylvania (717) 541-4960 extension 3332, or the BSE (717) 783-6137.

ATS Contact Information:

Mr. Christopher The
ATS Director of Commission Information Services
412-788-6505, Ext. 253

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