Master of Divinity (78 credits)
Master of Arts in Ministry Courses (36 credits) + Bible, Theology, & History Courses (33 credits) + Career Path Elective Courses (9 credits)

M.A. in Ministry Courses (36 credits)
Ministry Module 1: Formation and Vocation (6 credits)
Ministry Module 2: Community and Care (6 credits)
Ministry Module 3: Word and Worship (6 credits)
Ministry Module 4: Mission and Evangelism (6 credits)
Ministry Module 5: Leadership and Management (6 credits)
Ministry Module 6: Planning and Vision (6 credits)

*These six modules together constitute the Master of Arts in Ministry degree. Each module features a 5-day field-location residency that includes face-to-face instruction and practical, hands-on skill development.

Personal Formation: Spiritual Direction for Ministry (0 credit)
Professional Development: Mentored Ministry (0 credit)
*These 0 credit courses are embedded in the practical ministry courses.

Bible, Theology, and History Courses (33 credits)
NT612 Biblical Hermenuetics (3 credits)
OT515 Hebrew Language (3 credits)
NT545 Greek Language (3 credits)

OT531 The Hexateuch (The Pentateuch and Joshua) (3 credits)
OT532 The Historical and Poetic Books (3 credits)
OT534 The Prophets (3 credits)
NT511 The Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles (3 credits)
NT512 The Epistles and the Apocalypse (3 credits)

CT680 God and the Gods of This Age (3 credits)
CT681 God and a Skeptical World (3 credits)
CT682 God and the Mystery of Suffering (3 credits)

Academic Orientation: Seminary Research Methods     *Required of all M.Div. students.

Career Path Elective Courses (9 credits)

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