Program Highlights:

  • 78 credits
  • Fully accredited by ATS; no GRE required
  • Online or on-ground
  • Instructor who creates the course, teaches the course
  • Students from over 20 denominations and networks
  • 24 credits in bible– we take the bible seriously
  • Where biblical and cultural intelligence meet

If you feel called to invest your life in ministry to others and want to build on a solid Biblical and Theological foundation then our Master of Divinity may be perfect for you! Our program will give you chance to go deep in Christian history, the Bible, and Theology but will also provide the practical tools and insights needed to make a real difference wherever you serve.

With the option of pursuing the degree on-ground or partially online (our hybrid model), our redesigned Mdiv is built upon the same practical courses you will find in our MA in Ministry, AND you will go deep in your studies by adding additional credits in Bible, Theology, and electives of your choice.


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  • Accreditation
  • M.Div. Tuition & Fees
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  • 4C Scholarship for Military Chaplain Candidates
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