This context-based, two-year degree program is offered through our innovative Kairos Project. With a foundation in Bible, theology, and church history, this program provides students with flexibility to specialize in any area of interest.

Our students have specialized in the following areas:

  • Ministry
  • Bible
  • Religion
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual formation
  • And many more…

The specialization in this Master of Arts program is truly customizable to any context or area of study. Students will work closely with a mentor team to select courses, learning experiences, and assignments that are contextually-integrated with all aspects of their life.

Other unique characteristics of programs offered through Kairos include:

  • A competency-based model that aims to demonstrate maturity and competency across a range of learning outcomes
  • An affordable monthly tuition fee that frees you to control the pace of your journey
  • A team of three mentors (faculty, vocational, and personal) that journey with you throughout your studies
  • A focus on learning experiences that are contextually-integrated to your life and ministry setting

If you are interested in learning more about this program, we invite you to fill out our request information form, and an enrollment advisor will follow up with you shortly.

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