Graduate Certificate in Directing the Spiritual Exercises

The Graduate Certificate in Directing the Spiritual Exercises program is designed to equip trained and experienced spiritual directors with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to guide others through the three variations of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (18th Annotation, “Retreat in Everyday Life”/19th Annotation, and the 30-day format), in evangelical contexts and beyond. Drawing on the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition of soul care, this program offers advanced spiritual direction training which is deeply rooted in biblical, theological, historical and cultural inquiry in a Christ-centered process which integrates head, heart, and hands. Students in this program not only learn about the Spiritual Exercises, but also experience leading another person through the “Retreat in Everyday Life,” under supervision.

Program Goals:

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

1. Exercise competent professional skills as specially-trained spiritual directors who can effectively guide others through the complete Spiritual Exercises in its various forms
2. Express ongoing growth and maturity personally, relationally, intellectually, and spiritually, including continuing and deepening self-awareness and empathy
3. Encounter others across boundaries—cultural, economic, social, and religious—through practical training and academic work
4. Evidence Christian theological reflection and its application as integral to the practice of effectively directing the Spiritual Exercises
5. Employ the principles and processes of Christian discernment with individuals and groups engaged in the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises


SF860 Spiritual Exercises Practicum I
SF870 Spiritual Exercises Practicum II

Cost: We’ve made it easy to cover the cost of your tuition and fees– each course is $1,497.50.

Membership: Evangelical Seminary is a member of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA).


Graduate Certificate in Directing the Spiritual Exercises

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