Biblical Studies (includes both Old and New Testaments)
This concentration introduces the languages, methods, skills needed for sound and thoughtful interpretation of the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. You can choose to study both or to choose either Old or New Testament.

Biblical Studies (30 credits)
OT531 Pentateuch and Joshua (3)
OT532 Historical and Poetic Books (3)
OT534 Prophets (3)
OT657 Land of the Bible (3)
NT511 Gospels and Acts (3)
NT512 Epistles (3)
NT612 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)
NT765 New Testament Cultural Setting (3)
English Bible or Exegetical Elective (3)
English Bible or Exegetical Elective (3)

Biblical Languages (6 credits)*
Choose one of the following:
OT515 Hebrew Language (3) and OT 521 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis or
NT 545 Greek Language (3) and NT 677 Intermediate Greek (3)

Thesis (6 credits)
Choose one of the following:
OT800 Old Testament Thesis Development (3) and OT900 Old Testament Thesis (3) or
NT800 New Testament Thesis Development (3) and NT900 New Testament Thesis (3)

Christian Theology (3 credits)
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)

Elective (3 credits)
Choose one course from any division (3)

Total: 48 Credits

*Students with equivalent language courses at the undergraduate level may waive these courses and choose other electives.

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