The sixty-five credits required for this degree meet the educational requirements for the state of Pennsylvania, the Association of Theological Schools, and COAMFTE. You’ll learn about yourself and your faith, about human development and relationships, and about healthy marriages and families, building a foundation for the practice of therapy. You’ll work from a relational/multi-systemic framework that is multiculturally-informed, and encourages mental, physical, social, relational, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and growth for everyone.

You’ll attend classes during the afternoon and evening on Tuesday and/or Thursday, helping you fit this program into the rest of your life. Part-time students will attend classes one of these days, full-time students on both days. For the exact schedule, please contact admissions.

The following list of courses comprise the curriculum for the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. They meet all of the educational requirements for licensure in Pennsylvania. The courses are not taken in this particular order.

Faith Foundations
ST543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)
CC648 History and Theology of Marriage and Family (3)

Spiritual Formation
SF511 Spiritual Formation in Ministry (3)

Human Development
CC625 Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
CC633 Dynamics of Biopsychosocialspiritual Development Across the Life Span (3)
CC646 Psychological Tests and Measurements (1)
CC713 Children and Adolescents in Family Therapy (3)
CC827 Gender and Ethnicity (3)

Marriage and Family Therapy Studies
CC525 Foundations for Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
CC527 Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy I (3)
CC528 Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy II (3)
CC545 Premarital Counseling Seminar (1)

Marriage and Family Therapy
CC637 Family Therapy – Skills and Practice (3)
CC726 Marriage Therapy – Theory and Practice (3)
CC729 Abusive and Addictive Family Systems (3)
CC826 Advanced Marriage and Family Seminar (1)
CC837 Sexual Function and Systemic Sex Therapy (3)
CC784 Relevant Issues in the Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy (1)

Professional Studies
C728 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Family Therapy (3)

CC627 Research in Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
GS410 Seminary Research Methods (0)

Personal Enrichment
CC617 Personal Growth Plan (0)

CC845 Counseling Practicum for MAMFT Students I (3)
CC846 Counseling Practicum for MAMFT Students II (3)
CC847 Counseling Practicum for MAMFT Students III (3)
CC848 Counseling Practicum for MAMFT Students IV (4)

Total Credits (65)

Where Relational Formation Flows
Through Presence, Person, & Practice

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