Courses meet online for 9 weeks, with a 2.5-day residency on our campus (or by special arrangement at your corporate training facility), during the second week of each course. You’ll complete six courses each year, and finish your program in two years. Students move through the program in cohort groups made up of others with similar interests, building deep and lasting personal and professional relationships as they learn together and teach one another.

Christian Leadership
CL511 Leadership and Mission
CL521 Leadership and You
CL522 Leadership and Change
CL543 Leadership and Theology
CL567 Leadership and Others
CL641 Leadership and Decision-Making
CL644 Leadership and Assessment
CL650 Leadership and Organizations

Spiritual Formation
SF549 Spiritual Formation and Leadership I
SF649 Spiritual Formation and Leadership II
SF659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality
SF665 Christians and Historic Spirituality

Total Credits (36)

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