The attrition rate in doctoral programs in the US is unconscionably high. We are therefore committed to doing everything we can to support our students to a successful completion of their program. A key component of that is ensuring a good fit between the student and program very early on, during the entrance (what some call “admissions”) process. To that end, we ask for some information up front that would help us to get to know you–what you have been doing, what you understand your ministry callings and passions to be, where you think you might be headed. We’ll follow that up with a personal conversation or two and much prayer, after which we will discern together if Evangelical’s ThD program will serve you well.

Admission Criteria:

1. Master’s degree from an accredited institution
2. 3.0 GPA or higher (applicants may request an exception to this policy by writing an essay addressing the reason for a GPA under 3.0)

Requested Materials for Application:

1. An electronic application, which you can find and complete HERE. It’s fairly standard, but please ask if you have questions as you’re filling it out.
2. A resume or c.v. It doesn’t have to be in perfect format; we just want a sense of what you’ve been up to. Alongside that, please include a short (2-3 page) autobiography that will give us a bit of the rest of your story, particularly your spiritual journey.
3. A statement of intent, which is what you believe you may be called to, or interested in, and why this program looks attractive to you. If you have a particular research focus in mind, that would be wonderful to know, and if you see a particular track that you believe would best help you fulfill that, we’d love to hear that as well.
4. Something you’ve written that will give us a flavor of not only your ability to do graduate-level writing but also how you write and what you write about. It could be a research paper from a recent graduate program, something you’ve published, or a book review you’ve written. If you can’t think of something, contact us and we can even give you a prompt to write something now.
5. A reference–someone who knows you well enough to answer this question: “In what way(s) would this program impact the applicant’s calling, as well as their personal and professional development? Although you need not comment beyond that question, please feel free to share anything else that you think we should know about this applicant.” You don’t have to solicit the letter; we’ll do that for you once you give us a name and contact information through your electronic application.

Once we have this helpful information, one of the directors or track mentors will follow up with phone or face-to-face conversation. When the portfolio and interview are completed, the faculty and administration will review your material and prayerfully decide whether to welcome you into the program, to defer a decision for further conversation, or to recommend another program or path. Either way, we are honored that you are considering the Evangelical ThD program as a likely answer to your own prayers, and thank you for trusting us with the information we’re requesting of you.

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