Doctor of Theology

Same-old, same-old isn’t working anymore.

The Church needs leaders who want to think more deeply, see more clearly, and be formed more fully, if we wish to leave a legacy of a vibrant, culture-engaging Church for the next century. That’s why we’ve created the Evangelical Seminary Doctor of Theology program! This program is for reflective practitioners of ministry, taught by experienced and wise scholar-practitioners, with the intent that fresh forms and expressions of ministry will emerge through this collaborative learning process.

The program includes traditional components (a series of core courses, taken as a cohort, as well as a dissertation) and nontraditional aspects (a series of specialized readings-and-research courses, supervised by a track mentor, in a fashion similar to the British doctoral system). It requires roughly the same number of credits and time frame as a typical Doctor of Ministry but with richer theological reflection and greater academic credibility. Its hybrid delivery provides both accessibility from a distance and the opportunity to utilize local resources for knowledge discovery.

Please note the six tracks available for the pioneer cohort beginning in fall 2018:

  • Semiotics and Spirit (Pneumatic theology)
  • Trauma and Transformation (Restorative theology)
  • Revelation and Redemption (Biblical theology)
  • Mission and Movements (Contextual theology)
  • Roots and Rhythms (Historical theology)
  • Liminality and Leadership (Organizational theology)

Program highlights:

  • 39 credits that can be completed in as few as 3 years
  • Online with three 3-day residencies per year
  • Choose from 6 cutting-edge research tracks
  • Designed for reflective practitioners
  • Supportive faculty mentor and cohort approach
  • Fully-accredited with no GRE or MAT required
  • Featuring Dr. Leonard Sweet as scholar-in-residence

Be sure to check out our requirements and opportunities page to see more details about the program and answers to common questions.

View our admissions page to learn more about the admissions process for the Th.D. program.


Doctor of Theology

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