The Certificate is a 2 year, 12 credit program.

  • SF523 Christian Spiritual Direction
  • SF630 Spiritual Direction Practicum I
  • SF640 Spiritual Direction Practicum II
  • SF650 Spiritual Direction Practicum III
  • SF511 Christian Spiritual Formation (Audit only)
  • SF665 Christians and Historic Spirituality (Audit only)
  • SF659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality (Audit only)
  • SF777 Theology and Practice of Prayer (Audit only)


Note: Besides this graduate certificate, we have another option that allows students to earn a non-credit Certificate in Spiritual Direction. Non-credit and Graduate Certificate students participate together in the same cohorts and classes, however, because the non-credit students do not earn academic credits which can be transferred into a Master’s program, their price point for the program is $2,000 less. This option provides an affordable way for some students to receive the training necessary to practice as a spiritual director, especially in non-academic contexts.



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