We look forward to helping you complete all the steps and getting your application before the admissions committee for a decision. To complete an application, you will need to make sure to do all of these things…

  • Complete the application form found by clicking “Apply Now” (top right corner of page)
  • Submit 3 essays (you can upload these within the application form or you may email them to us)
    • An autobiographical essay of approximately 500 words describing your Christian walk, relationship with Christ, and the significant factors which have contributed to your spiritual formation.
    • An education intent essay of approximately 500 words explaining your motivation to pursue theological education. Be sure to include your intended professional and vocational goals, calling to ministry, assessment of abilities and spiritual gifts, and relevant church and parachurch experience.
    • A recent college paper, sermon, article or essay. If a recent work is not possible, write an essay, of approximately 500 words, on a relevant topic of your choice.
    • (Optional) Academic assessment clarification. Only provide this if you feel your academic record is not an accurate assessment of your academic abilities. Provide clarification in writing.
  • Provide 3 references (you will be asked to give the email address of these individuals within the application.)
    • church reference (pastor or official)
    • academic or professional reference
    • personal reference
  • Submit transcript(s) from previous institution(s)
  • $50 Admissions fee (by credit card within the application form or by check)

Interested in beginning in the fall? Submit your application by July 1. Looking for a spring start? Submit your application by November 1.

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