Faculty List

Christopher L. Fisher

Christopher L. Fisher, Ph.D.
B.A., Lehigh University (1984); B.S., Lehigh University (1984); M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary (1990); Ph.D., University of Edinburgh (2004). Ordained elder, United Methodist Church. Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Schuylkill Haven, PA (2005-present). Adjunct Professor of Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary (2005-present).

CHRISTOPHER FISHER is Director of our Center for United Methodist Studies. A long-time United Methodist elder and senior pastor of the Schuylkill Haven First United Methodist Church, he is also author of Human Significance in Theology and the Natural Sciences (Pickwick Press). He has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and teaches courses in United Methodist doctrine, history and polity.

Articles/lectures: The Anthropocentric Cosmos (Imago, 2004); Human Uniqueness and the Natural Sciences (Imago, 2004); Animals, Humans, and X-Men (Theology and Science, 2005); The Road of Science and the Ways of God (Templeton Gifford Lectures Review, 2006); Karl Rahner and the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Question (with David Fergusson, The Heythrop Journal, 2006); 21st Century Perspectives on the Supernatural (RAPF Lecture Series, 2009); Some Theological Issues in the Church’s Contemporary Discussion on Homosexuality (Evangelical Journal, 2012); Human Significance in Theology and the Natural Sciences (RAPF Lecture Series, 2013).

Book: Human Significance in Theology and the Natural Sciences (Princeton Theological Monograph Series, Pickwick, 2010)

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