Faculty List

Angie Bauman

Angie Bauman, Ph.D.

Angie serves people by educating them with knowledge, equipping them with skills, and mobilizing them resources. Her leadership expertise and professional credentials are in education, online learning, discipleship, apologetics and mathematics. Angie has earned an MDiv, ThM and PhD in Christian education from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition, she holds an MSEd in instructional design for online learning, a graduate certificate in online teaching and a BSEd in secondary mathematics.

She loves learning, spending time with family and helping others grow spiritually through curriculum development, Bible teaching, mission experiences and community engagement.

She has served in a variety of teaching and administrative positions in public and private middle and high schools as well as a faculty member, division chairperson, Assistant Provost at a Christian college and an associate professor at a seminary teaching at the bachelor, graduate and doctorate levels. Her love of God and his church has led her to serve in local churches as an education minister, mission strategist, evangelism trainer and student minister for more than ten years.

Currently you will find her teaching middle school Sunday school at her local church and serving as the chief operating officer and education and innovation director at Courage for Life, a Christian nonprofit, existing to help individuals embrace their God given courage for life by supporting their discipleship through creating emotional health, spiritual growth, and Bible study resources.

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