The curriculum and program of Evangelical are designed to promote growth and development in accordance with the following core values of the seminary:

Holy Scripture
To establish students in the knowledge of God’s inspired word, and to teach competency in its interpretation, proclamation, and application in the contemporary world.

The ministry of the church to the world is dependent upon effective preaching, teaching, and embodying the truths of God’s word. The goal of the seminary is to produce church leaders who strive to understand and interpret the Scriptures accurately with demonstrated skills in applying and communicating truths to everyday life.

Academic Excellence
To exhibit and model academic excellence in the teaching and learning of all disciplines in the seminary curriculum: biblical, theological, historical, pastoral, and counseling.

The seminary is a learning community where the teaching/learning process is nurtured within an environment conducive to research, critical thinking, effective writing, and informed discussion. To combine faithfulness to the Word of God with sound scholarship is a high priority of Evangelical. The academic process must maintain the highest integrity, and faculty are expected to model scholarly competence.

Spiritual Formation
To promote the process of spiritual formation for every student so that their relationship with the living Christ permeates their character, attitude, and ministry.

Preparation for ministry should always integrate Christian spirituality and learning. The call to ministry is a call of the total human being to serve Christ and His church. Biblical faith must be expressed intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially with the highest integrity. The church and her servants, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, must incarnate the gospel to the world.

Relational Wholeness
To help students evaluate and grow in their relationship skills, commitments, accountability, and Christ-likeness within their marriages, families, friendships, congregations, and communities.

Convinced that our humanness and wholeness are grounded in a shared image of God, it is essential that we continually experience and extend grace in human relationships. Our relational calling to love God and others is foundational to our ministerial calling. In view of clear biblical teaching regarding family life, we seek to encourage and model the intentional protection and nurture of our families and relationships in a manner reflecting the gospel of Christ.

Leadership Development
To develop dynamic, creative, and Spirit-filled leaders who will serve Christ and the Church with integrity and skill while equipping others to do the same.

The church needs competent, creative, and visionary leaders who can equip others for servant ministry to the world. These leaders must demonstrate skills in managing, motivating, multiplying, mentoring, and inspiring the people of God to serve in Christ’s name in ministries that will be redemptive, reconciling, and transforming. Such ministries appear in multiple forms.

Disciplemaking Passion
To cultivate in students a passion and ability to take Christ’s redemptive work to a lost world by proclaiming the good news of salvation, helping believers grow and mature in the faith and acting to alleviate human suffering and injustice.

The mandate of the church is to be a redemptive community through which men and women can find forgiveness and reconciliation with God and each other through faith in Jesus Christ. To do so, the church must engage the world through proclamation and witness utilizing competent and culturally relevant preaching and teaching skills to reach everyone with the message of Christ. Following Christ’s great commission (Matthew 28:20), the goal is to nurture mature disciples who can disciple others.

Global Vision
To create in students and awareness, sensitivity, and active commitment to the global nature of the mission and ministry of the church.

It is imperative that the message of salvation and hope transcends all cultural, political, economic, gender, and religious boundaries. This reality challenges the church to incarnate and articulate the gospel of Christ with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding within a multicultural context. The seminary seeks to encourage diversity within its community to reflect the kingdom of God, and to experience growth through the breadth and richness of the body of Christ.

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