There are many different reasons people choose to pursue a graduate program at a theological seminary. As the president of one seminary recently commented, Wherever you are in your faith and vocational journey, you’ll want to choose a seminary that fits you: your values, your goals, and, especially, your emerging sense of what God may be calling you to do in the world.”*  

We could not agree more. That’s why we want you know the most important thing about the culture of Evangelical…

We base our community life on a shared love of the Scriptures, the historic Christian faith, and our common journey to know God and become more like Jesus Christ.

This community ethos leads us to live toward a radical life together, a life in which assumed patterns of behavior are challenged, and new ways of thinking, living, and relating are being renewed. Because of this:

    • We delight in building relationships and encouraging others toward maturity and freedom.
    • We give thanks for the Church, and make active participation in a congregation of Christ’s followers a priority.  
    • We believe that God’s truth sets us free, so we ask questions and deeply ponder the mysteries of His word and work in the world.
    • We accept that the process of redemptive healing is lifelong, so we offer and seek real help to assist in spiritual transformation and healing.
  • We embrace all of the wonders of God’s created world and call them “good,” and yet, we recognize that not all things we consume are good for ourselves or those with whom we share space. Therefore, while on our campus, we refrain from any substances that impair our life together.
  • We revel in the joys of godly human intimacy, but since we know the God who has created intimacy and enables us to live in ways to make it possible, we limit our expression of sexual intimacy to one person of the opposite sex in the context of marriage.

(Paraphrased from our Community Ethos Statement, the full text of which is available as a pdf at: Community Ethos)

*Mark Labberton

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