Evangelical Seminary exists to help the Church create servant leaders for transformation ministry in a broken and complex world. Historically rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, the Seminary aspires to be boldly, broadly, and beautifully Evangelical in both the content and context of our learning. These commitments have resulted in strategic collaborations with varied denominations, churches, ministries, and institutions of higher education, most significantly the Kairos network of seminaries gathered around Sioux Falls Seminary. As a legacy member of Kairos, we participate in a growing, innovative movement of mentor-based, outcome-focused, discipleship-oriented theological education both in southcentral Pennsylvania and around the world.

At Evangelical Seminary, you will never be just an “information reservoir.” We’ll relate to you as a change agent in training,  a servant-leader preparing for ministry in a world that desperately needs God’s grace and truth.

That’s why our faculty will think with you, not for you—not because we don’t have theological convictions. We certainly do. We’re solidly evangelical. We simply want you to own your faith, deepen your faith, and use your faith-based skills to change the world.

At Evangelical, you will immerse yourself in God’s truth and be empowered by his Spirit. You will be ready for God’s mission.

To that end, we will challenge you to become a a person of integrity and skill. You will have the opportunity to become an individual who explores hard questions, pushes intellectual boundaries, and engages in critical thinking. We all know that simplistic answers and religious clichés can’t get the job done, so we invite you to real conversations about things that matter.

So, whether you study pastoral ministry, leadership, marriage and family therapy, or spiritual formation, you will find our commitment to biblical faithfulness running through every course. You will also find wisdom to be able to wisely express the gospel and your passion to minister wherever you are called to serve.

As you discern and prepare for your next steps in pursuit of your God-given calling, we will inspire you to “walk as Jesus walked.” We will emphasize academic excellence and spiritual transformation so that, when you finish your program, you will have substantial character to support, for a lifetime,  what you want to say and do.

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