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Evangelical and You: Partnering to Transform Our World

In partnership with the church, Evangelical Seminary develops servant leaders for transformational ministry in a broken and complex world by nurturing rigorous minds, passionate hearts, and Christ-centered actions.

As our mission statement proclaims, Evangelical Seminary prepares leaders to minister and serve in a manner that enables people to begin and mature in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Because you have a heart for equipping those whom God has called to ministry, we invite you to support the mission of Evangelical and be a part of God’s provision for the leaders of tomorrow.

In Exodus 17:10-13, we see the Israelites being attacked by the fierce and hostile Amalekites. The Lord provided success in battle for the Israelites as long as Moses’ hands were raised. As Moses became too weary, Aaron and Hur stood beside him “holding up his hands until sunset” (v. 12b, NLT). Because of Aaron’s and Hur’s selfless support of Moses, God provided victory to the Israelites.

We, too, need to hold up the hands of our future spiritual leaders. A generous donation to Evangelical Seminary is one important way this can be accomplished. You can be one of God’s choice servants who is extending a hand to Evangelical students – the leaders of tomorrow.

Through this opportunity Evangelical’s financial vitality will be expanded, an Evangelical seminary education will be affordable for many more, and even more students will be free to follow God’s call.

Thank you for giving your time to prayerfully consider this important information!

With Hope for the Future,
Ann E. Steel
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
717.866.5775, ext. 2143