MALD Curriculum


Leadership Development
CL511 Culture, Context, and Mission (3)
CL521 Leadership and Administration (3)
CL522 Vision, Change, and Conflict (3)
CL567 Group Dynamics (3)
CL644 Reframing Organizations (3)
CL699A Experiential Learning (3)
CL699B Experiential Learning (3)
Spiritual Formation
SF549 Spiritual Formation and Leadership I (3)
SF614 Grace, Communication, and Leadership (3)
SF641 Spiritual Discernment and Decision-making (3)
SF649 Spiritual Formation and Leadership II (3)
SF659 Christians and Contemporary Spirituality (3)
SF665 Christian Devotional Classics (3)
Christian Theology
CT543 Survey of Christian Theology (3)
Educational Ministries
GS410 Seminary Research Methods (0)
Total Credits (42)
Total Credits (42)