James E. Ehrman, M.A.R.

Affiliate Professor of World Christianity

Before joining the Rivendell Institute at Yale as its Executive Director in January of 2011, Jim Ehrman served as the Executive Director of the World Christianity Initiative at Yale. In that role he aided both Yale University and the Western Church at-large in its engagement with the explosive growth of the worldwide Church. Inspiration for that focus stemmed from his years spent as a commissioned service worker and later as Director of Global Ministries for the Evangelical Congregational Church, a role in which he facilitated a world-wide service workforce, relationships with several hundred international churches, as well as relief and development works in five nations.

He has been teaching at Evangelical since 2006. His courses include: Culture, Context and Mission, World Christianity, and Theology of Mission and other Religions.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Yale University with a Masters of Arts in World Christianity and Mission. He is currently pursuing his PhD.

Jim has two children and is married to Aiyana, who is the circulation coordinator for the International Bulletin of Missionary Research at the Overseas Ministries Study Center, and who also directs a non-profit, Imagine Goods, which works in Cambodia offering micro-business opportunities to marginalized families.