Fall 2014 Schedule

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(*) This course has a prerequisite; please check the catalog. All courses are for 3 credits unless noted. Classes without at least five credit students enrolled may be subject to cancellation.

Day & Time Class Name Professor Room
3:00-5:45 *CT676 God and Suffering Miller 110
6:45-9:30 DS621 United Methodist Church Studies I Fisher/ DiPaolo 110
8:15-11:00 *NT677 Intermediate Greek Buckwalter 303
*OT521 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis S. Bollinger 306
*CT724 Christian Ethics in a Pluralist World Miller 210
12:00-2:45 *PM625 Introduction to Preaching Tornfelt 110
*CC612 Pastoral Counseling and Crisis Intervention Palmer 210
3:00-5:45 CH511 History of Christianity I Blair/ Kunz 110
CH511 History of Christianity I (sec. 2 online) Blair/ Kunz
PM635 Church at Worship Baltaeff 210
CC525 Foundations for Marriage & Family Therapy Palmer 303
CC837 Sexual Function and Systemic Sex Therapy (MAMFT only) Gigliotti 306
6:45-9:30 NT665 English Bible: Revelation Buckwalter 110
NT665 English Bible: Revelation (sec. 2 online) Buckwalter
CC527 Theories of Marriage & Family Therapy 1 Stauffer 210
CC827 Gender and Ethnicity (MAMFT only) Corby 306
12:00-2:45 NT511 Gospels and Acts Buckwalter 110
PM521 Leadership and Administration Tornfelt 210
*PM693 Mentored Ministry I (2 cr.) Shearer 306
3:00-5:45 *CC637 Family Therapy Skills and Practice Corby 306
OT565 Jeremiah S. Bollinger 210
SF511 Spiritual Formation in Ministry Mellinger/ Kunz 110
6:45-9:30 *CC643 Individual, Marital and Family Enrichment Palmer 306
CT511 Christian Thought and Ethics in the Contemp. World Miller 110
OT531 Pentateuch and Joshua P. Bollinger 210
6:00-9:00 (F)
8:30-4:00 (S)
ME519 Theology of Mission and Other Religions
(September 19/20, October 3/4, November 7/8, December 5/6)
Ehrman 110
GS410 Seminary Research Methods
Tues. 11:30-12:00 (Sec. 1) Heisey Rostad Library
Tues. 5:45-6:15 (Sec. 2) Heisey Rostad Library
Thurs. 11:30-12:00 (Sec. 3) Heisey Rostad Library
Thurs. 5:45-6:15 (Sec. 4) Heisey Rostad Library
By Arrangement
CC617 Personal Growth Plan (0 cr.) Corby/ Scheirer
*CC846 Counseling Practicum II Corby
*CC848 Counseling Practicum IV Corby
DS611 Evangelical Congregational Church Studies I Sigman
PM586 Seminary Chorale (1 cr.) Heisey
*NT689 Greek Exegesis: Philippians Buckwalter
*SF723 Christian Spiritual Direction Kunz

MDiv Cohort at the Harrisburg Institute of Messiah College Fall 2014 Schedule

Day & Time Class Name Professor
4:00-6:45 *CC612 Pastoral Counseling and Crisis Intervention Palmer
7:15-10:00 CH511 History of Christianity I TBD