Level I Gottman Training: Bridging the Couple Chasm

In partnership with The Gottman Institute, we are excited to offer a Level 1 Gottman Training:

Bridging the Couple Chasm

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Earn a Certificate of Completion in the Level 1 Gottman Couple’s Therapy Training

Based on 40+ years of Dr. John Gottman’s research, this workshop o ers a scienti cally-based roadmap to help couples manage conflict, build friendship, and support each other’s dreams. This two-day (11 hour) video training combines lecture footage from a live Level 1 Training presented by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and actual video footage and film clips from their research with couples clinical practice. Provided in partnership with The Gottman Institute.


  • New research-based assessments and eļ¬€ ective interventions to help understand couples’ struggles
  • Research-based strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflict
  • Skills that empower couples to dialogue about their worst gridlocked issues by uncovering their underlying dreams, history and values
  • Methods to help couples process their fi ghts and heal their hurts
  • Techniques for couples to deepen their intimacy and minimize relapse.


  • 300-page clinical training manual
  • Ability to receive a Certificate of Completion of the Level 1 Training
  • Ability to purchase 11 CEUs ($29.99 from PESI Inc.)
  • Eligibility to continue on to Levels 2 and 3


$99 ā€“ Evangelical Students
$149 ā€“ Evangelical graduates and students from other master’s programs
$199 ā€“ Clinicians & Mental Health Professionals
Compare to $299 for Level 1 Home Study

Registration Deadline: May 14

Questions? Gwen Scheirer, gscheirer@evangelical.edu

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