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Before you start, you should have a completed draft for each of the required written materials (listed below). For each written requirement, you will email an acceptable format of the document to the Admissions Office. Acceptable formats for attachments include Microsoft Word documents (doc and docx) pdfs, odts and several other formats.

  • An autobiographical essay of approximately 500 words describing your Christian walk, relationship with Christ, and the significant factors which have contributed to your spiritual formation.
  • An education intent essay of approximately 500 words explaining your motivation to pursue theological education. Be sure to include your intended professional and vocational goals, calling to ministry, assessment of abilities and spiritual gifts, and relevant church and parachurch experience.
  • A recent college paper, sermon, article or essay. If a recent work is not possible, write an essay, of approximately 500 words, on a relevant topic of your choice.
  • (Optional) Academic assessment clarification. Only provide this if you feel your academic record is not an accurate assessment of your academic abilities. Provide clarification in writing.

It would also be good to have the following information before you start as well:

Education History
You are required to tell us the previous schools you have attended: the institution name and location, the dates attended, if you graduated, and what your graduation date was.

We require all Master Degree, Certificate in Ministry, and Undeclared applicants to submit three references: a church reference (pastor or official), an academic reference, and a friend/associate reference (Reference Form). All Graduate Certificate applicants need to submit two references- one must be from their pastor or another church official and the other a friend/associate reference. For each reference, you will need to supply their name and a way to contact them (either by phone or email).

If you have written drafts of all your writing requirements, and have your educational history and reference information handy, go ahead and get started! If you wish to submit the application without your essays attached, you may email them to when you have them completed.

The application form should take about 20-30 minutes to complete.

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