An Academic Journey

Welcome to Evangelical Seminary! 

God has a destination waiting for you! He has been preparing you for this moment and equipping you with all the gifts and talents you need to go the distance. Along the way, He’s been providing opportunities that you never imagined and linking you with fellow travelers who are becoming life-long friends. And now, your journey is about to go even deeper.

Prepare To Be Transformed!

What can I Expect on This Journey? 
In addition to recent college graduates, many of our students are working adults with families; some are already actively serving in ministry. Therefore, the option of being a part-time student is just as viable as being a full-time student. We know you’re busy, so we’ve scheduled our courses to make it easy for you to achieve your degree with flexibility that accommodates work, family, church and school. On this journey of transformation, you set the pace and we help keep you on track.

What if I’m not Sure of my destination? 
Maybe you are certain of your direction and the destination that awaits you, but you need faith to take the next step. Or maybe you simply know there is an undeniable call on your life, but the specific destination is unclear. Evangelical wants to partner with you to walk out your purpose. We’re here to provide a compass and to guide you toward transformational ministry.

Will I Feel Like I Belong? 
We’re large enough to offer unique opportunities-but small enough that you will feel like you’re part of a family. In professional programs we implement a cohort model. This is a collaborative, team-oriented approach to learning. The cohort feature is a unique, relational feature that allows you to feel like you belong to something more than a seminary-you belong to a family. Even when students are not in a specific cohort model, Evangelical professors create an encouraging environment that allows students to engage and interact in a way that transforms and challenges.

Come for a Visit!
Campus visits are arranged throughout the year. Most are handled on a one-to-one basis to give the most attention to a student’s particular needs. In addition to this, special open house days are set aside in the fall and spring. More information may be obtained from admissions at 800.532.5775 or